Christmas can be a great time for your little one to join in with festive foods and we’re here to offer you the perfect guide to weaning this Christmas.

Suitable Festive foods for your little ones:

A traditional Christmas lunch can provide a perfectly balanced meal for your little one and is a great way for your baby to join in with the festivities. Roast turkey, roast potatoes and a variety of vegetables are all perfect weaning foods from 6 months onwards and can be mashed or offered as finger foods depending on what suits your baby’s age and stage of weaning.

Below is a guide of what festive foods to offer and those to avoid:

Festive weaning foods suitable for your little ones

Festive Foods to Avoid

Roast Turkey

Pigs in blankets - bacon and sausages are both types of processed meat and typically have a high salt content. It’s best to avoid this for little ones. Stick to nice soft strips of roast turkey for a low salt meat option instead.

Roast potatoes

Stuffing – stuffing is often high in salt and should be avoided for little ones.

Plain carrots, parsnips, red cabbage, Brussel sprouts, swede and other veg. Try to ensure no salt is added to the veg during cooking

Gravy or other salty sauces. Try using plain juices from the turkey or zero salt stock if you wanted a baby friendly gravy alternative.

Yorkshire Pudding

Cranberry sauce or other sauces with added sugar

Cauliflower Cheese

Sweetened desserts. Check out our no added sugar mince pie recipe for a fruity, low sugar alternative suitable for the whole family.


Relax the routine :

We understand how hectic Christmas can be and that the stimulation of Christmas can throw your little one’s usual routine out of sync. Babies don’t have a very long attention span and can’t be expected to sit happily at the table whilst the family pulls crackers and tucks into a lengthy festive feast. Instead, follow your little one’s lead.  Allow them to feed and sleep at the times that suit them best. Their normal routine will resume once the festivities have passed but don’t worry if timings are off for a couple of days.

If your little one is happy to, bring them to the table to join in with the Christmas dinner fun. Whether they munch on some roast turkey and veg or simply play with a ball of wrapping paper, it can be a great way for your little one to explore different foods and learn from others eating. Equally if they are napping or would prefer to play in a safe place whilst you eat, you can save them some turkey and veg for later or another day. Check out our holiday bubble and squeak recipe for the perfect leftover recipe.

Have fun!

A few disapproving looks from a relative because your little one is dropping sprouts from the high chair is not a big deal.  It’s your Christmas too so don’t worry, embrace the mess and the madness and enjoy yourself!

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