Babease is committed to reducing food waste and helping support young families facing food poverty. Through our partnership with City Harvest, Babease has donated 26,857 meals to London charities since December 2021. 

Who Are City Harvest?

City Harvest launched in 2014 with the aim of providing free food to those in need. To achieve this, they gather surplus food from manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers and deliver it to over 350 food poverty charities in London. 

Not only does this provide life-changing support to communities in London, but by reducing food waste, it also supports the planet by lessening the amount that goes to landfills. 
City Harvest delivers to homeless shelters, hostels, family centres, children’s programmes, domestic abuse refuges and mental health charities, amongst others. 

In 2020, City Harvest tripled in size to meet the demand of people facing food poverty. They are now distributing free food for more than one million meals a month. 


City Harvest van with Babease boxes

Babease and City Harvest

Since our collaboration with City Harvest began in December 2021, Babease has donated 11.28 tonnes of organic weaning products to London charities through City Harvest. This equates to over 26,000 meals and has helped to prevent 42.86 tonnes of CO2 emissions from waste. 

Babease Director Dee Stirling commented: “The team at Babease were committed to not letting this wonderful, healthy food go to waste, and we are delighted to be able to support City Harvest with their incredible work.”

Food sourcing manager, Lewis McGivern, commented: “City Harvest surplus food donor, Babease, has donated 11.2 tonnes of high-quality, nourishing Babease baby food pouches since the beginning of our partnership in December 2021, and has already had a significant impact on our network of London charities. Babease products are a quick and easy source of fruit & vegetables for both adults and children and are ideal for so many of our charity partners who feed young families facing food poverty. Thank you so much for your ongoing support, we look forward to working together further throughout 2022.”

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