We need to have a frank conversation - let’s talk about baby food.

It’s not exactly known for its flavour and quality. I mean, if you were offered some, you’d probably decline, right?


We couldn't believe that people accepted that baby food didn’t taste like real food. Hiding fruit behind vegetable titles and bland flavours are apparently the norm.

Crazy right?

It got us thinking, can babies tell the difference between bland and interesting flavours? The answer was yes, but they have to be taught. Babies’ taste buds are a blank canvas!


In 2016, Babease was born. Flavour-filled recipes made in small batches. Straight up veg-led. No hidden nonsense and a perfect alternative when homemade just isn’t possible.

Welcome to a world of real food. Thai Green Curry, Mexican Beans, Beef Ragu - this is the food we love to eat, so why wouldn't babies too? It's time we all ate around the same table.

Yes, home-cooked = goals, but when you don’t have the time or energy, we've got your back.

We want to create recipes that are full of quality, flavour and nutrition, all whilst keeping the price as low as possible. If it means making less margin to achieve this, so be it - it’s about making a change! Everyone deserves to eat well.

We're doing things differently. Veg-led with no hidden fruit. Whether it be meat, fish or plant-based protein, we guarantee double the industry standard.* Organic ingredients and up to 5x less water than the rest.* We don’t take shortcuts.

Let’s give our little ones the best start in life.

Real recipes for babies or as we like to say:

‘Food for Babies, not Baby Food’

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*Based on comparable stage two baby food SKU’s of the market leaders.

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