"Our entire ethos is to be 100% transparent with our followers. Motherhood is tough enough without being blindsided by false advertising, telling you all that we use a product when we don’t! We promote things we use, and that is it. Products we believe in. When we were approached by Babease, we were sceptical, we’d heard poor things about packaged baby foods being full of sugar and not the recommended protein/ calorie intake for our child. But then we met with Tom (Founder & Chef) & his team, and when we say we CANNOT shout about this product enough we mean it. Tom is a chef, and him and his wife Ioanna, (Co-Founder) are new parents. They were appalled by what they saw on the market, and they changed it. They took on the big dogs with a product that is HONEST, it says exactly what it does, it feeds your children with good, nutritious food. No false advertising. We not only fell in love with the product but with the team behind it. There is simply nothing better than working with people who have a cause and will, no matter the cost, stick to their guns to change the world"

Jess & Lauren

What is the Mum Club?


The Mum Club is about sharing and meeting. It is about helping others to find their feet as they navigate their way through motherhood. We want to give back and make the next mum feel empowered, confident  and supported – online and offline -  by being honest, open and most of all welcoming. 

How did it all start?


The Mum Club started firstly through a friendship, Lauren and I discovered pretty quickly into our journey of motherhood that baby groups can be dated and not all that friendly. We thought there has to be more out there for the modern mum? Well, they say if you can’t find it create it and that’s exactly what we did. 

How old are your little one’s? 


Laurens Daughter Ronnie is a feisty 2 year old and Jess has ..wait for it .. 5 year old daughter Nell 4 year old son Teddy and twin 1.5 year olds Hugo and Otto.

How do you find it juggling Mum Club with the commitments of being a parent? 


The Mum Club was created as something we could do around motherhood. The juggle is real but it is a welcomed break at time, to think about something else than other than ‘how i’m going to get that Ribena stain out of the velvet sofa’.

If you get free time, what do you do with it? 


We love a date night, whether it with our husbands or with each other. We are big foodies and drinkies! So anything that involves letting our hair down and indulging in an evening of food and good company goes down well.

In your experience what is the one DO that you would pass on to first time parents? 


Just go for it! Leave the house, go to meet people you have never met before, your baby might cry but so does everyone else’s. You may just meet your new bff and absolute rock to help you through this motherhood thing.

And DON’T?… 


...buy a wet wipe warmer


Would you describe yourselves as foodies? 


YES, we love food. Cooking, eating, anything to do with it. It brings people together and everyones fondest childhood memory is based around food, isn’t it?

What is your ‘go-to’ family meal? 


Ooo tricky one, currently it has to be spag Bol because my daughter is obsessed with it and she is the queen of our household. Laurens '‘go to’ is Hairy Bikers Spanish chicken, an easy one pot meal.

How have your eating preferences played a part in weaning your little one’s?


Yes, don’t get us wrong we love pre made baby dish (Babease ofc!) but we generally gave them whatever we were eating when weaning. One because they loved it and two because I can not be making 6 different meals every evening. I believe it also makes them less fussy!

If you could offer one piece of advice for weaning, what would it be? 


Let them try it! and just because they pull a face the first time doesn’t mean they don’t like it.

What is coming up for the Mum Club?


Lots of exciting events expanding across the country, bringing in new hosts to help us reach all the corners of the land and a growing hub of informative blogs on our website.



You can find The Mum Club at www.themumclub.com or follow them on our Instagram @themumclub. They run monthly events around the country and are expanding every day. The events are open to anyone and everyone and are a brilliant way to meet new mums in your local area. Parenting at times can be lonely, and they are determined to change that. 

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