Here at Babease, we love sharing our knowledge of the weaning journey to help new parents and budding foodies make the most of this exciting time! 

Family life can be hectic, right? Especially when your little one first begins their adventure with food. That’s why we’ve designed our blog to be full of quick and straightforward advice that answers all those day-to-day questions - it’s like having your own family nutritionist in your pocket! 

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We say the ‘weaning journey’ because it is just that - a journey. Like with any journey, there will be ups and downs. There will be funny faces, tears and laughter, maybe all within the space of one meal, and that’s okay! Our blog is here to be a helping hand through all of it.

Although it’s perfectly natural to have questions, there’s also plenty of opportunities to enjoy this time, have fun and embrace the mess! 

No one is an expert on weaning at the beginning, so don’t worry if you don’t have it down from the start. Our blog is always here as a source of expert advice and meals ideas for the ultimate recipe inspiration.


Although weaning will be different for everyone, the journey will generally begin at around six months; we’re here to help from the start! 

With handy guides on what to expect, you can feel more prepared and have the confidence to enjoy exploring different foods and weaning recipes with your little foodie during those initial tastes. 

As your little one grows, we’re right there with you, continuing to give advice on combating grumpy refusals when introducing new tastes and textures, right up until your fully-fledged foodie is starting to enjoy entire meals with all the family.


At Babease, it’s no secret that we’re big fans of tasty, nutritious veggies for weaning! We believe that there’s nothing better than a wide range of different veggies to intrigue budding foodies and start healthy eating habits from the get-go. 

However, we also know that little foodies might not share this love of all veggies instantly! Maybe you just can’t entice your little one with broccoli, or they keep refusing your latest veggie-packed recipe? 

To help turn even the most adamant refusal into a new favourite, we have created plenty of blogs on our top tips for encouraging your little one to eat more veg and our nutritionist’s advice on getting started with veg-led weaning.

For handy information at the tip of your fingers, explore the Babease blog, full of expert advice from our family to yours!